<br><br><br>Are carbs the enemy?

There's so much information out there that I don't blame you for getting lost when it comes to carbs, and calories, and all that healthy food talk.

Today especially, with easy access to articles and blogs and "helpful" fitness pages, it's reasonable to be confused about what to eat, and it's easy to follow some random advice on what to do or not to do...

But today we are going to talk about one of the most controversial macronutrients of all time - carbs.

First, what are carbs, or carbohydrates? They are one of the three macros, along with proteins and fats. Meaning they are one of the primary sources of energy for the body - our cells need carbs to function correctly.


If that's the case, why do people avoid carbs? Because our bodies are smart and hard at work to break down everything we eat. Unused 'fuel' will convert to stored fat.

The solution we found to deplete that fat is to "burn carbs" through exercise.

But because carbs can easily be found in most food, like fruits and vegetables, it's hard to think about how they "become" fat. The problem is processed carbohydrates - or the way we know them by - sugar.

Processed sugar is found in soda, cakes, and other junk food, which is not suitable for our body. Processed food, in general, contains little to no nutritional value. This type of carbohydrates also doesn't have fiber for the body to sustain itself, and that's why after the burst of energy this food provides, our energy levels crash.

You should avoid processed sugar whenever possible, or if you can, cut it out completely.

You should always consult your doctor or dietician before going on any diet trends, though. Having little understanding of what you put in your body can be detrimental to your health almost as much as eating processed food.

Especially now, it's essential always to keep your immune system in its best state. Stay safe, eat well and take care of your body!

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