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The Realaltpro Walking 3D Pedometer includes an 18 month limited warranty from the date of purchase. We take care of any defect or malfunction with a Replacement or FULL refund, without any charge.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

The warranty covers any defect or malfunction in your 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer.

What Will Realalt do?

Realalt will at our discretion will replace any defective or malfunctioning parts or replace the same 3DTriSport Walking 3D Pedometer or refund the purchase price FREE OF ANY CHARGE.

How Do You Get Customer Support?

Please contact Realalt via a support ticket at or send an email to:

When you contact Realalt Support you will need to provide the following details:
1. Your name, address and postal code
2. Clear & concise details of the fault
3. Your telephone or mobile number
4. The date of purchase
5. The name of the product

Please note an Amazon Order ID or valid purchase receipt is required to be eligible. If you purchased from Amazon you can find your Order ID by viewing your previous orders.

How Long Does The Cover Last?

The warranty lasts for 18 months from the date of purchase. Cover terminates if you sell or transfer the Pedometer.

What Does The Warranty Not Cover?

General wear and tear, The battery, or any problem that is caused by misuse, abuse, or an act of God (such as a flood) are not covered. Also, consequential and incidental damages are not recoverable under this warranty.

How Does State Law Apply?

The warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which may vary from state to state.